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Who is SoulFood?
SoulFood is a vibrant non-profit Christian music ministry that exists wholly to glorify the Lord Jesus Christ and to obey His command to share the Good News. 
Our Mission
SoulFood’s mission is to usher hungry hearts to the throne of God where we believe they will obtain mercy and grace in a time of need and salvation for their souls.
Our Music
SoulFood’s music has often been compared to artist such as Third Day or Jeremy Camp. However, we retain a large catalog of songs that cover a broad spectrum of styles and always intend to bring a fresh and exciting mixture that will best suit your particular needs. Our musicians are anointed seasoned professionals who strive to be led by the Spirit of God in order to ensure a moving experience is had by all.  
Our Resources
SoulFood can provide a PA system that can adequately accomadate up to 200 people.  For larger venues we would hire a professional sound company. SoulFood operates solely on private donations and the dedication of its members. SoulFood currently has no paid staff members and all received monies go directly towards building a ministry that will be able to serve you better.
Our Testimony
The four founding members of SoulFood have been together as a band since 1994. Sadly we did not start out serving the Lord. In fact, we were lost and heading far from Him. T’was the grace of God that He reached down and convicted each of our hearts and began to show us a better way. Within one year we each received Him as Lord! We would have been fools to not recognize He had a purpose for keeping us together. Shortly thereafter we formed SoulFood Ministries and now, for many years, our motto, "Ushering Hungry Hearts to the Throne of God" has been emblazoned on the side of our band trailer. But you won't get much of a chance to read it if you're standing still, you see, we'll be on the move. From nursing homes to troubled youth centers, from benefit concerts to major festivals, from the homeless missions to the concert halls, from Churches to the ghetto streets, SoulFood's steps have been ordered of the Lord. Pray for us, that God will anoint our music and preaching to be used as a vehicle to transport a hurting world to the lap of His Grace, and that we all, as fellow Christians, be strengthened as we join together in the pursuit of His face. For this one thing we now know, "T'was grace…"
Our Statement of Faith
SoulFood believes in the God of the Bible; the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. We believe that you are saved by grace through faith in His son Jesus Christ and that we are all commanded and empowered to live our lives as a witness for Him through the power and in-dwelling of His Holy Spirit.
Our Promise
SoulFood purposes to always give the Lord our best and to serve Him faithfully while upholding the highest standards of integrity, character, and professionalism. Members of SoulFood are held accountable to Biblical standards such as found in 1 Timothy chapter 3 with regards to our position in the ministry and in our personal lives. We hope you will call on SoulFood with confidence knowing we will do all within our power to ensure that no shame is brought upon your organization or the Lord Jesus Christ.
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